Friday, 13 March 2009

The thing I hate about the film crew is this...

There's been a film crew on campus this week. BBC is doing this show about freshman and they're filming at Harrow. Under most circumstances I probably wouldn't mind all of this. Here is what really REALLY bugs me about though...they always seem to be filming either when I'm going to class or leaving class. 

On Tuesday they were blocking the bank of elevators that I take to get to my class. Why didn't I take the stairs you ask? Because they were blocking THAT door too....And I really didn't feel like climbing 5 flights of stairs. So, in order for anyone to get on the elevator they had to pass through their shot (yes, I did stop and wait for them to finish the scene) and then step over equipment to get anywhere. Then the film crew all gives you the evil eye for getting in their way!! I'M JUST TRYING TO GET TO CLASS!!!

Maybe it's me, because you know it's been me lately but shouldn't there be some sort of proviso that they are not allowed to prevent students from getting to their classes? 

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