Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

So - i haven't posted in a while and the reason is...The Doctor and I took the Tardis and have been traveling around. We hung out with Shakespeare at the Globe for a while then popped into the future for a few days. Ok-not really. Although, I probably would follow the Doctor just about anywhere...let's face it, I see David Tennant and I instantly become a 14-year-old girl all weak in the knees and giggly. 

Truthfully, finals started kicking my ass and when you're working on an MA in journalism ALL YOU DO IS WRITE!!!! Coming here to write about stuff just wasn't that appealing to me. I apologize. Then, I left London for a week to hang out with my extended family in Luton. What a crazy & chill time that was!!! There's so much to share. (Another time but SOON, i promise). 

Now I'm fighting a losing battle with a cold. And in between just wanting to stay in bed all day and watch CSI: NY (Det. Messer - YUM!) and making a huge dent in a box of Kleenex I've been working on an essay that's due in a week. MORE WRITING!! and not fun writing. Boring writing. 2500 words on human rights & "practical implications for journalism" kind of writing. 

That's my story for now. I've hit 1412 words and plan (haha-plan) to knock the other 1088 words out this evening. Not a problem, right? where did I put that flux capacitor so I can go back a week?

Monday, 1 December 2008